new beta version and find beta testers

A new beta version has been released: it contains minor modifications and fixes. New option for user settings. The news is not yet available.
I’m looking for users for beta testing on all platforms who can help me test the application on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, Apple). Testing is planned to start in Q4 2023.

2021 Summary

This year turned out differently than I had planned. It has brought good and bad things. Neither of which I expected. Overall, I can say that I had a good year. 🙂I didn’t have time to develop, and new things were invented for the mobile versions, which were eventually modified and postponed, so when I wanted to start the mobile version, I found that the plans had to be modified. The final version is not out yet, but should be soon. I also hope to have time and new joys in store for the year.