new beta version and find beta testers

A new beta version has been released: it contains minor modifications and fixes. New option for user settings. The news is not yet available.
I’m looking for users for beta testing on all platforms who can help me test the application on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, Apple). Testing is planned to start in Q4 2023.

Version 2.3 beta is available

“Listazo” v2.3 beta is now available and can be downloaded under the “Help” menu by activating the “Trying the beta version” checkbox.
The version of .NET has been upgraded to 4.6.1, so it is necessary to install it before using the application.
A new feature in the application is the editability of the menu content. Furthermore there are some minor changes and optimizations as well, such the ability of searching for new updates.

New beta is coming soon

The new beta is coming soon.
The novelty is the editable help. The code has also changed in the background, so help will come with program updates.
In the meantime, I will share with you the first song of my 2000 songs: many have listened to it so far, some said it was very good, some used it in a disco and had I did not like.

New beta version coming soon

A new version update will available soon. We can change the colors in the software. In the settings we can change the colors on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and we can save it. If you send me the theme file than I will be available in Lister.
I replaced the icons too. The IMDB movie datas download will avaiable too but it has daily limit (it may change in the future).

You can change the colors