New personal list

1.a) During the first personnal list creation you need to choose a List name (1), for example if you see Albums, Selection(Various artist, compilation album?), Films, etc. categories. After this you can fill up the Column names (2) and add them with Add column button (3) into the list in order in which you want to see the list (it can not be changed later):

Select personal list
Available columns

1. b) In case of existing list you can choose this from drop-down menu (1) and the previously created Column names will be seen (2):

Add new column

2. Data upload is very easy. Just designate one of the Column names (1) and fill out the Data what you want to add (2). Program will save automatically the new data into the memory. After this we can choose the second Column name and fill it out as well (2):

3. We can save the data only after fill out all Fields on this screen and if under Other data button we give the Owner name. After these processes you can click on Save and new data or Save and quit button.

Available personal list

4. If we want to check our data, then we can choose which personal list we want to see:

5. Under Edit menu (or Edit button) you can modify any data in each lines after alignment.